Legend Feeder Rods

There are 4 rods to choose from in this range, from the 5tip Legend 3500 to the Legend Euro Heavy Feeder rod you will find a rod to do just what you want it to do. Each display their own individual actions, as well as multi length options, plus the added bonus of detachable tips some of which are interchangeable with each other. You also have the choice on some of the push in Carbon tips to request large centred eyes for those anglers who wish to use ‘shock leaders’ All the tips are colour coded for ease of identification and re-ordering. Please consult the feeder tip chart below or contact the office for any more advice or information you may require.


Model Ref. Length (m) TIPS (ID) C/W OR (L/R) SSP
R-LGD-3500 3500 - 11/6-13ft (3.51-3.96m) 5 off (Y/P/R/G/B) 100gm (0-6lb ) £239.99
R-LGD-4000 4000 - 12-13/6ft 3.66-4.11m) 4 off (Y/P/O/BL) 115gms (0-6lb ) £254.99
R-LGD-5000 5000 - 13/6ft (4.11m) 4 off (Y/P/O/BL) 150gms(2-6lb) £264.99
R-LGD-EURO EURO - 13/6ft (4.11m) 5 off (Y/P/O/BL/BR) 150gms(2-6lb) £279.99